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Rhythm Group
Equipment List

If you're interested in hiring any of the following equipment, please e-mail hire@rhythm.co.uk or call us on (01228) 515141 for more information and our latest prices. All subject to availability and terms and conditions.

If you're looking for something which isn't on the list, be sure to get in touch as we are always investing in new equipment which may not have made its way onto our web site just yet.

2 Way Radios
ICOM ICF4SR 2 Way Radio and Charger

Behringer HA4600 4Ch Headphone Amp
C Audio RAZ001
Carver PM-15
Chevin A1000
Chevin A6000
Chevin Q6
d&b Epac
d&b P1200
QSC Powerlight 2.0HV
QSC Powerlight 4.0

Audio Multicores
Van Damme 48way 16 Return Festival Stagebox with 4x12 Way Sub Box inputs, fully patchable

75M 150 VDM Multicore + 75M
85M VDM Returns Multicore

48 Way Multicore 50M
C/W 150 Veam Connectors

48 Way Stagebox 36 Sends - 12 Returns

Whirlwind 25m 24 send
8 return multi with stage box

CD Players & Tape Decks
Denon CDC-715 CD Player
Denon DN-4500F Twin CD
Denon DN600F CD Player
Kam KCD 960 Twin CD
Numark CDN-34 Twin CD
Stanton S-700 Twin CD
TEAC CD/Casette Deck AD500
Denon DN3000 CD Player

Behringer Composer Pro
Behringer Multicom
DBX 1066
LA Audio TCX2 Tube Compressor
TLA 5021 Valve Comp

BSS Minidrive
GAE BF1 Controller
GAE DSC28 System Controller

Technics 1210 Mk2 Deck

DJ Mixers
Citronic CDM 10:4 Mixer
Kam GMX5
Kam Mobile Pro Mixer
Numark DM1002X
Pioneer DJM600
Tascam X-15

Effects Unit
Alesis Midiverb 4
Lexicon MPX 1
Lexicon PCM81
Lexicon PCM70
Roland SDE-330
TC 2290 Digital Delay
Yamaha REV500
Yamaha SPX90
Yamaha SPX900
Yamaha SPX990

Behringer Ultracurve with Delay Module
Behringer Ultragraph Pro
EMO Graphic
Klark Teknik DN360
LA Audio 31 Band

Mains Distro's
32A 3 Phase Rubber Box Distro
63A 3 Phase Distro
63A 3 Phase Rubber Box Distro
Furman Power Conditioner
Kelsey 16A Distro
Kelsey 32A Distro

Minidisc Players
Tascam MD301 MK2
Tascam MD350
Tascam MD501

Microphones and DI Boxes
AKG C1000
AKG C3000
AKG 420 Headband Mic
AKG C5900
AKG D112
AKG SE300 + CK91
Audio Technica 33a
Audio Technica ATM25
Audix OM-3xb
Audix OM-5
Beyer M201
Beyer M88
Beyer TGX 30/35 Headband Mic
EV N/D 757
Sennheiser e608
Sennheiser e845
Sennheiser Lapel Mic
Sennheiser ME-3 Headband Mic
Shure Beta 57A
Shure Beta 58A
Shure Beta 87
Shure Beta 91
Shure Beta 98 Ds
Shure SM57
Shure SM58
Behringer Ultra DI100
Emo Di Mono
Emo Dual DI Box
Klark Teknik Active DI Box

Mixer Amplifiers
Spirit Folio Powerpad
Yamaha EMX 5000
Yamaha EMX 68s

Allen & Heath 32Ch ML3000
Allen & Heath ML5000 40Ch + 40St
Mackie VZ1604 16Ch
Midas Heritage 2000 48ch
Soundcraft MH4 40ch

Noise Gates

Drawmer DS501

EV S200
KV2 VHD System
KVS ES System
KV2 EX 12
KV2 EX 2.2 Double 12" Bass Spin
d&b C4 Top
d&b C4 Bass
d&b B2 Sub
d&b E3
HK Deacon System
HK Lucas XT System
HK HL118 Sub
HK VT21211 Mid/High
Mackie C300

Beyer Short Mic Stand
Beyer Tall Boom Stand
K&M Silver TTB Mic Stand
Peavey Straight Roundbase
Roundbase Table Top Stands
Short Banquet Stands
Speaker Stands

Talkback Systems
ASL BS15 Beltpack
ASL BS181 Power Supply
ASL BS210 2Ch Master Station
Beyer DT108 Single Sided Headset
Beyer DT109 Double Sided Headset
Strobe Call Lights

Denon Stereo Tuner


Ali Deck 6' x 4' Stage Unit
Ali Deck 2m x 1m Stage Unit
Steel Deck 8' x 4' Stage Unit

Mobile Stage
Mobile Trailer Stage 8.2m x 6.7m

Lighting Equipment
Light Processor Paradim 6ch 10amp
Light Processor Paradim 6ch 16amp

24ft x 12ft Twinkle Star Cloth + Light Cloth
Various drapes and sizes

DJ Lighting
Selection of moonflowers etc.
Martin EF3
Martin Raptors

Follow Spots
Selecon Quartz 2.5KW
Strand 1KW

Intelligent Lighting
Martin Destroyers
Martin Imagescans

Lighting Desks
Avolite Sapphire
Avolite Azure
Avolite Pearl 2004
Showtec 48Ch

Lighting Stands
Manfrotto Stands

Moving Head Lights
PRO 150 Moving Hea Spot
ROBE 575XT Moving Head Spot
Martin Mac 250
Martin Mac 500
Martin Mac 600

CCT 500w Fresnels
CTC Source 4 750W
Par 56 500w 4Way Bar
Par 64 1000w Floor Cans
Par 64 6Way Bar

LED Lighting
PAR 64 Chrome
PAR 64 Black

Manual Hoist 500kg
Motor Hoist 500kg
TFL 12" Square Truss 1M
TFL 12" Square Truss 2M
TFL 12" Square Truss 3M
Penn Square Truss 3M

Smoke Machine
JEM/Martin Pro 2000
Martin Technohaze

UV Lights

UV Cannon
UV Tubes

Panasonic 52" Plasma screen with stand
Panasonic 42" Plasma screen with stand

Video Cameras
Canon XL2 DV Cam

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